Friday, April 25, 2014

This Or That Tag


1. I have never listened to an audio book before. I know a lot of people that I watch on YouTube have been listening to them a lot lately and they have made me want to give them a try. However I am going to go with having the book in my hands. I like being able to go at my own pace when I am reading a book that way I know that I am fully comprehending everything that is going on within the story.

2. I don't really have a preference with this. I know that some people like one better than the other, but I like them both just the same. I guess if I HAD to pick, I would go with hardback only because paperback books tend to get messed up a lot easier than the hardbacks.

3.  Fiction, for sure. I haven't read very many non-fiction books and the ones I did read, there weren't many that I liked. 

4. I'm going to have to go with fantasy would issues. Real life issues suck and that means that I have to deal with them. Haha.

5. Well to be honest, I haven't ever read either of the series. However I have seen a couple of the movies. I will have to go with Harry Potter. 

6. I have an iPad that I read on and I love it.

7. It all depends really. If I am really interested in a book then I will want to buy it. If I am not so sure about a book, I think that it's best to borrow the book to see if I will like it.

8. I like to buy my books online. I am able to find more deals on books when I shop online! Plus, there aren't any good used books stores near me!

9. I usually like books that are standalones. When I read a series, I sometimes get a little bored with the characters or the story. 

10. Big books scare me so I am definitely saying short and sweet. 

11. I am a sucker for a good romance book. I like books with a lot of action, but I would rather read a good love story!

12. Curl up in my snuggie! (:

13. Hot chocolate all the way. I don't care what the temperature is outside or what season it is, I love me some hot chocoalte!

14. If I am questionable about a book, I will read people'e reviews. But if I really want to read the book, I do. Afterwards, I read reviews to see if people have the same thoughts and feelings as I did towards that book.

If you are reading this, I tag you!

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  1. Thank god I'm not the only one who haven't read Twilight or Harry Potter. I will get around to reading HP soon tho..

    This is such a fun tag, I did it too..



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