Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Review: Will The Real Abi Saunders Please Stand Up by Sara Hantz

Publisher: Entangled Teen
Source: Sent for review via NetGalley
Pages: 320
Series: Standalone
Release Date: May 6, 2014

I received a copy of this book I'm exchange for an honest review via NetGalley.

Abi Saunders might be a kickboxing champion, but when it comes to being the center of attention, she’d rather take a roundhouse kick to the solar plexus any day. So when her trainer convinces her to audition to be the stunt double for hot teen starlet Tilly Watson, Abi is shocked—and a little freaked out—when she gets the job.

Being a stunt double is overwhelming, but once the wig and makeup are on, Abi feels like a different person. Tilly Watson, to be exact. And when Tilly’s gorgeous boyfriend, Jon, mistakes Abi for the real star, Abi's completely smitten. In fact, she’s so in love with her new life, it isn’t long before she doesn’t have time for her old one.

But when the cameras are turned off, will she discover running with the Hollywood A-list isn’t quite the glamorous existence she thought it was?

When I first received this book for review, I was really excited. I thought that the plot sounded really interesting and I wanted to know what would happen with the main character, Abi. As I read the first few chapters, I really enjoyed Abi as a character. I think that she was a total bada** because of her awesome kickboxing skills. (I wish I had awesome kickboxing skills!) I also liked how charming she was. However, we end up learning about how insecure she really is about herself. Sure, I have read plenty of books where the characters were insecure, but I honestly think that Abi kind of pushes it over the limit. I also hated the fact that she changed so much all because she got a role in a movie. That really annoys me. The fame definitely got to her head.I understand that she is flawed and it is all a part of her character development, but sometimes I just wanted to shake some sense into her!

Now I'm a big sucker for a good love story. However, I did find that the romance going on in this book was a little bland. If you have feelings for someone, sometimes you need to suck it up and tell that person! COME ON. When Matt FINALLY tells Abi that he had feelings for her, I kind of found it really had to believe. I think that I would have believed it more if he didn't treat her the way he did before the told her. 

Overall I think that Abi's character development is very well written in certain spots in the book. I really enjoyed the confrontation that happened between Abi and Jon. And the thing about the wig? SO funny! Good job, Abi!

I thought that this book was okay. It wasn't as good as I expected it was going to be, but it still wasn't bad. So thank you to the publisher/NetGally for the opportunity to be able to read this book!

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